Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just when you thought reality shows couldn't get any worse, cast and crew from MTV's The Real World show turned up...where else...Puppies of Westport.

Apparently oblivious to the fact...yes, it's a fact...that the store buys its dogs from puppy mills, the flagging reality show team crossed a protest picket line to shoot at the store. The new show is currently being shot. It's based in Brooklyn this season.

Protesters offered to educate them on the reality of the lives of the parents of dogs sold at the store. Of course, they know better. They'd rather operate without facts I guess.

We have thousands of pages of documentation that shows the horrendous conditions these dogs are bred in.

If you care about dogs, let the folks at MTV know exactly how you feel about the network promoting cruelty to animals by filming at this store. MTV even has an activism program...perhaps we can use their own site to raise the issue. Start your thread and oppose the Real World shoot at Puppies of Westport!

Maybe the reality show team should take a leaf out of President-elect Obama's book and consider a shelter dog.

If this store was doing the right thing, do people truly think protesters would stand in front of their store for two years!!! Wake up MTV.